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10 Non-Gym Activities That Shred

You DO NOT need a gym to get shredded. There are a ton of things you can do to get in tip-top shape without stepping foot in the gym and without logging miles upon miles!

  1. Learn to love to jump rope. Did you know jumping rope for 15 minutes is equivalent to running 3 miles? So basically, you can watch your favorite Netflix 30 minute show while knocking out the equivalent of a 6 mile run in 30 minutes.
  2. Hit the stairs. Hitting your local stairs whether it be at the park, beach, or business complex will torch the calories and tone. They are far more effective than any stair master.
  3. Kettlebells and medicine balls. Two of my favorite pieces of equipment are kettlebells and medicine balls. They are super easy to store but above all, they make for a great piece of equipment that allows you to get in the full range of movement. They are great for mixing with cardio and strength compound moves.
  4. Walking. Yes, walking. Get out and move! It’s fun and it’s free and you can do this really anywhere.
  5. Biking. I love to bike. Cycling is a blast and is a great way to work and tone the lower body.
  6. Hit the track. Track workouts are awesome. They are a great way to work on speed, HIIT, and distance. Plus hitting the track will make you feel like a track star, regardless of where you are at.
  7. Learn to love bodyweight moves. Push-ups and bicycles are a couple of the best moves for your body and guess what they can be done anywhere and require no equipment.
  8. Get out and swim. Swimming is an awesome workout that works the whole body and is super low impact. It’s awesome and so relaxing.
  9. HIIT Bodyweight cardio. If you really want to take your cardio to the next level just start adding jumping jacks, burpees, mountain climbers, high knees, butt kicks to the mix. You can do these moves all in one place while watching the tv.
  10. Hill Sprints. Speaking of cardio, want to melt fat while toning like crazy, well take it to the hills.

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