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10 Non-Gym Workout Ideas That Will Tone You Up in No Time

Want to tone up and get some movement in but not real wild about the gym? Here are some fun ideas that will have you toning up gym-free.

  1. Take to the hills. Find a hill near you and get in as many hill sprints as you can. Of course remember to get in a proper warm up & stretch after. That kind of work out is not for the faint of heart.
  2. Grab some bands and sliding discs and get in a great workout at home while catching up on a favorite podcast or show.
  3. Go for a hike with friends. It is the new Happy Hour after all.
  4. Volunteer to work at a community garden. You would be surprised how working a field for a few hours will get you moving and sometimes even sweating.
  5. Jump rope.
  6. Volunteer to do an elderly neighbors yard work or some restoration repairs on their house.
  7. Sign up for a beautification project in a local neighborhood.
  8. Volunteer to play with neglected children at your local church or foster program. I bet it will be hard to keep up.
  9. Treat yourself and get that indoor cardio piece of equipment or gym set up you have always wanted. Just make sure you use it!
  10. Go to bed early. You heard it go to bed – relax and rest. A little sleep does wonders for the immune systems and puts your hunger hormones in check.


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