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Holiday Survival Guide

I love the holidays and the food, drinks and merriment that comes with it. I am a firm believer in enjoying life and treating yourself every now and then. A few things that I have learned over the years that has allowed me to stay within a comfortable weight range while enjoying this festive season is the following:


 A few days leading up to a Holiday party make it a point to eat extra-clean. For example if you know that you have a Holiday party on Friday, try to eat extra-clean on Wednesday and Thursday. The day of the Holiday party, make sure you have a well balanced breakfast and lunch and get in a good snack before heading off to your party or cookie baking event.

 Drink Lots of Lemon Water & Peppermint Tea

 A good way to avoid overeating is to make sure you are properly hydrated. Colder weather can also leave to drying conditions for your skin too. Lemon water & a herbal peppermint tea will not only keep you properly hydrated but will also aid in digestion.

 Cinnamon, More Cinnamon!

 Adding cinnamon to dishes and smoothies not only adds delicious flavor that gets you into the spirit but provides you with an extra-dose of antioxidants!

 Pick Up Your Intensity

 Given the busyness of the Holiday season there is an increased chance you may miss some of your workouts. Make the most of your time when you hit the gym during the Holiday rush. Go for compound strength movements and high intensity interval cardio workouts. They will torch calories and cut down on time.

 Green Breakfast Smoothies

Go for a green and glowing smoothie. This will allow you to get in your greens and veggies first thing in the morning. During the Holidays we can sometimes forget them. One of my favorite green smoothies is the following.

 Simple Green Lyfe Fuel Smoothie

  • 1 cup of almond milk

  • 1 handful of spinach

  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries

  • 1 Serving of Lyfe Fuel Vanilla Chi

  • 1 tbs of cacao nibs

  • Dash of Peppermint oil

  • 1 tbs of almond butter or chia seeds

Make Room For Protein & Greens

Make sure you eat your protein & green side first before indulging in the sweets. This will allow you to enjoy your sweets without over indulging. Never head over to the desert tray with an empty stomach.

 Play With Your Carbohydrates

 During the month of December I try my hardest to keep it grain-free and save my carbs for the Holiday parties!

 Enjoy Yourself

 It is the Holidays and it truly is a time to enjoy your time with loved ones. If you want some peppermint bark to go with your wine or hot chocolate than by all means enjoy. After all, in the grand scheme of things it is not what you eat between Thanksgiving & Christmas but rather Christmas and Thanksgiving that counts the most.

 Get Involved in Your Community

 Make time to help out in soup kitchens, donate to those in needs or help put on a Holiday party for a local foster program or children’s program. I have listed below some of my favorite organizations. Hopefully this will translate into a regular and healthy habit for the New Year!

 Teen Leadership Foundation


Big Brothers Big Sisters

 So Cal Hearts

 Chef V Green Drink, Soups, Teas & Cleanses

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