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My Favorite Health & Fitness Hacks

Life has been pretty crazy. I am happy to say I am back to blogging and pumping out new healthy recipes that are made in minutes. I am in the middle of moving to Texas and I am so excited! With all that is going on my health (and blogging) routine has been a little flipped around. Time is of the essence but nonetheless it is important my health practices still stay a top priority.

Here are some of my favorite health hacks for when life gets crazy, time is limited and many social events are happening:

Walk Whenever You Can

I walk whenever I can. Be it on my lunch break, when I get home, or when talking calls. Sometimes I even park far away from a building I need to get to on purpose.

Fitness Hour is the New Happy Hour

Grab your running or gym shoes with friends after work and get moving. You will save calories and money!

Drinks Lots of Water & Herbal Tea

Drinking water (with lemon when you can) and herbal tea will keep you full and hydrated. Sometimes people think they are hungry when they are just thirsty. I find herbal teas such as lavender to be relaxing, during stressful times too.

No Time To Food Prep- Make Extra at Dinner 

Time has been of the essence. I haven’t been food prepping but I have been cooking when I can. I double up on the amount of food I cook in the evening, and make enough food for the next day or two.

Take The Stairs

Again, get in extra movement whenever you can.

Workout While You Cook

While you make a meal in the instapot, get your workout in your tv room. This is one of my favorite fitness hacks.

Play with Seasoning

A great way to add flavor to simple meals that take little time to make is play with seasoning. Come up with your own taco mix or Mediterranean mix. It will add so much flavor to basic dishes. Plus seasoning is packed with great anti-oxidants.

Go For Veggies

When you are burning both candles at the end, it is more important than ever to get in veggies whenever you can. Sneak in spinach to your smoothies. Add a salad to your dinner. Snack on carrots, bell peppers, jicama, celery or any other hard veggie or fruit that is portable for when you are running around.

Meet Up With Friends to Cook a Healthy Meal 

Make meeting up with your friends fun and healthy. Host a healthy potluck or healthy dinner cook off. This is a great way to grow community and enjoy a healthy meal together!

Soda Water over Wine

I love wine. It is my jam. However, I need to limit my quantity. In place of wine, I will fill a glass with soda water and add a lime. It is refreshing and still helps to take the edge off.

HIIT Workouts

High intensity workouts are a great and effective way to get in a full body workout in little time.

Don’t Shortchange Sleep

Ideally I workout at 5:30 am but given crazy times, I am flexible with moving my workout in due to making sure I am getting good sleep though. Sleep is a critical part of overall health and weight-loss. Given the transition I am in, sometimes I workout on my lunch break or get in a quick evening workout while something cooks in the instapot.

Love To Jump Rope

Grab a jump rope. On days you can’t make it to the gym or are traveling, take out your jump rope and get in a killer workout that will only take 15-30 minutes. You can jump rope anywhere too.:)


Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite health hack!


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