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Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Every diet works for the most part but eventually, the will & ability to keep up with the diet wears off. The key to losing weight & keeping it off is honestly behavior modification with a shift in focus. Too many times, when we go to attempt weight loss or toning up, we naturally think of all the things we have to cut out, which can be incredibly daunting and also not so worthwhile. Below are some behavior modifications and ways to shift focus that will allow for permanent weight loss.

Try going to bed earlier, so you can get up earlier to get in a workout.

Get in the habit of committing to going to the grocery store at least one to two times a week.

Set goals such as adding greens, vegetables, or lean protein to every meal.

Replace your daily alcohol consumption with a mocktail. Our patrons and premium subscribers have access to a list of delicious & nutritious mocktails that are loaded with nutrients and no calories. They are great to unwind with and give you a self-care feel with each sip.

Find healthy alternatives to your junky meals. We have a list of recipes featuring healthy burgers, pizzas, and taco options in our premium recipes section.

Reframe the way you view working out and only do workouts that you enjoy.

Practice writing out things you are grateful for daily.

Sign up for volunteer and service projects that get you moving and outside. You will be burning calories while giving back. Look into doing a neighbor’s yard work, help clean up a part of town, work on a city beautification project, the list is endless.

Host a fun healthy community potluck.

Try out new healthy recipes.

Check out your local farmer’s market.

See if there are any community gardens in your area that could use some volunteers.

Add herbs and healthy salads to quick meals.

Swap soda and juice drinks for soda water or water with lemons and limes.

If you are looking for new recipes, mocktails, and seasonal health challenges be sure to check out our SHOP. Our products come with access to our premium nutrition, fitness, and gardening content + support.  Our signature ebook A Healthier You in Weeks is loaded with recipes, plans, and an in-depth exercise guide.

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