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How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

We have all heard the famous motto by now “Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat” but how much importance do we actually put into our sleep regimens? Some Olympic athletes sleep up to 10  hours a night with naps in between their training sessions! Obviously, sleep is a critical part of the equation in overall sports performance, health, weight-loss & strength gain goals.

Sleep Benefits:

Enhances recovery time between workouts.

Releases growth hormones responsible for repairing & restoring muscle.

Keeps hunger levels in check. A Lack of sleep can actually lead to more intense food cravings, leading to consuming in an excess amount of calories to keep energy levels up only to result in weight gain & poor metabolism function.

Allows you to be more alert & fully charged.

Improves overall sports & fitness performance.

Overall sleep improves bodily functions and helps regulate the aging process & metabolic functions.

Most of us know all the benefits of sleep but given today’s hectic schedule, demands & even current events producing such anxiety a good night of sleep can be tough to come by.

Here are some ways to help unwind & get your bed ready:

Learn to love rest & relaxation, and train your mind to implement it into your training regimens.

Try to get your rigorous workouts in first thing in the morning or later afternoon.

Avoid caffeine products after 3 pm.

Try to avoid eating a heavy meal 3 hours before sleep.

Shut the tv & all electronics off for an hour to two before heading to bed & pick up a book.

Pray or meditate.

Go electronic-free in your bedroom.

Add essential oils or some skin care practices into your nightly ritual.

Take a hot bath or shower.




Light some lavender candles & enjoy some herbal tea. Camomile tea is typically the best!

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