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Our Favorite Microgreen Items

I love growing microgreens. You can grow them year-round and they are so incredibly easy to grow, maintain, and harvest.

Here are some of my favorite microgreen items and seed mixes! I will be getting out a demo video soon of how I do my micros as well as how I clean my garden trays so I can reuse them as much as possible. Spoiler alert, I throw them in the dishwasher. And wash them on the top rack. As for the large tray that holds them, I deep clean them with soap and hot water and then spray a little hydrogen peroxide on them.

Garden Growing Trays

These are the large trays I was referencing above. I used one as the base and fill it about a quarter or about half up with water. I use one of the other trays to help cover the micros when they are germinating for the first two-three days.


The 10 by 10 trays with holes, and you need the holes to absorb the water from the large bottom tray, I used to fill with an inch or a little more with soil and the seeds.

And of course, you need to fill it with great soil. I typically suggest you find a great local nursery and gardening shop for your soil. But if you would like to get your first batch going quickly checkout Fox Farm soil. They are great!

Now time for the microgreens. Truth be told you can use really any seeds to grow micros but here are some micro packets that make it super easy and come with great instructions.


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