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Beating The Bloat and Good Gut Health

I used to have serious bloating issues.  And I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong. I thought maybe it was the broccoli and Brussels sprouts. I started reading about how sugar-free and artificial sweeteners had a number of unpleasant side effects and bloating being of them. So I began eliminating the sugar-free syrup I was adding to my daily coffee and removed the sugar alcohols I was using in place of sugar. It was such a game changer, I don’t even know where to begin. This led me into seeing what makes for a bloat-free stomach and how creating a healthy gut microbiome could allow me to enjoy all my favorite cruciferous veggies and good-quality dairy. While some people definitely do have intolerances or allergies to certain foods I wanted to cover some ways you can enjoy your veggies and dairy products without the bloat.  You can check out the video HERE or click on the image below. Don’t have time to see the cliff notes from the video below. 🙂


Drinking water does wonders for digestion. Sometimes, I add some lemons or a little Braggs Apple cider to mine. And I find this help with digestion.

But there is a catch drink it is best to drink only between meals. Drinking at meals usually waters down digestive enzymes.

Fermented Foods

Adding in fermented foods and drinks to your nutrition game plan can do wonders for your stomach. And here is some good news. Unless you have an intolerance, you can enjoy good-quality dairy. Good quality dairy often airs on the fermented side.

I love Keifer fermented milk, it is a fermented milk loaded with vitamins and minerals. Greek Yogurt is not only delicious but loaded with great probiotics. Which helps with good digestion. Pickles, sauerkraut, and kombucha are all fermented items that can be in the mix.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

A little glass of wine, or a beer here and there is fine but too much of even an enjoyable thing has a negative effect on the gut.

Raw vs Cooked

Learn what veggies and fruits are best left in their natural state or should be cooked. For example, tomatoes are best left raw and zucchini is best cooked for ease of digestion.

Powerhouse Veggies, Fruits and Herbs





Water-based veggies and fruits like zucchini

Sweet potatoes

Leafy greens

And wanted to add sourdough to the list. It is a bread that some people have an easier time breaking down because of the fermenting process.

Celery juice can also help beat the bloat.


Some Additional Tips:

When it comes to a number of cruciferous veggies it is best to cook them well. And a little extra-virgin olive with these veggies does wonders for the state.

Blend veggies into smoothies if you are still having a tough time.

Soaking or fermenting legumes, rice, and grains beforehand helps break down antinutrients such as phytates and lectins. 

Magnesium supplements may be helpful. Always check with your doctor before beginning a supplement routine.

Chew slow.

And get moving in between meals.


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