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Eating For Your Body Type

Disclaimer before diving into this post, ALL body types are equally awesome, and whether your desire is to bulk up or slim down, that is totally up to you. This is merely a breakdown of how to eat for optimal results in most cases. Everyone’s body still is unique so it still is a journey to fine-tune what works best for you even with the guidelines. In most cases, eating for your body type will help the slimming down process. As for working out for your body type, the guidance here can be a little tricky and you may either choose to go with your strength or do the opposite to achieve the results. For example, I am mesomorphic. While strength training is my strong suit, my goal is to lean and lengthen. I do one strength day and the other 4 are cardio and pilates style of HIIT forms of workout to counter more muscle gain than I like. Make sense? If not please feel free to email me at [email protected] or leave a comment below. Below is an outline of eating recommendations for the 3 main body types as well as what working style comes the most naturally.


These individuals are naturally thin with skinny limbs. Individuals with this body type often have fast metabolisms, and higher carbohydrate tolerance breakdown and naturally do well with endurance-based activities. Ideal macronutrient breakdown: 25% Protein 55% Carbohydrate 20% Fat.


These individuals are often naturally muscular and athletic. Individuals with this body type have a moderate carbohydrate tolerance breakdown and naturally do well with strength-based activities. Ideal macronutrient breakdown: 30% Protein 40% Carbohydrate 30% Fat.


These individuals are often naturally broad and thick. These individuals often have slower metabolisms and a low carbohydrate tolerance breakdown. These individuals often do well in absolute strength activities. Ideal macronutrient breakdown: 35% Protein 25% carbohydrates 40% Fat.

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