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Building a Home Gym on a Budget

Building a Home Gym on a Budget

Getting into a fitness routine and finding time for quality workouts can be challenging and often comes at a high cost. Gym memberships often come with hefty startup costs, annual fees, or commitments, and building a home gym adds up fast. If you’re looking to get fit on a budget, check out our top nine essentials to help you get in shape at home.

Yoga Mat

Whether you need a space to stretch out or want a softer surface for your workout, a yoga mat is essential for any home gym. This mat is thick enough to offer padding to your hips and joints, but can still be rolled up to save space when not in use.

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are an effective alternative to pricey cardio machines if you are looking to get your heart rate up fast. Starting your workout by jumping rope will add cardio into your home routine in a fun and exciting way.

Kettlebell Weights

Kettlebell weights are a budget-friendly choice to add to your workout. Kettlebells are a great option for squats, kettlebell swings, lunges, and much more.


These rubber-coated dumbbells are the perfect choice to add some weight to your workout and protect your floors when doing basic lifts. To add an extra bit of strength to your everyday workout, opt for lighter dumbbells. Or, go for the larger dumbbells to get some basic weightlifting sets in and build muscle mass.

Pull-Up Bar

This pull-up bar is a versatile must-have for anyone looking to get in shape at home. The foam grips, easy installation, and optional suspension straps make for an incredibly useful piece of equipment in any home gym. 

Pull-Up Bar Elastic Assistance

If you’re still working towards doing a pull-up, this elastic assistance band will help give you an extra push. With easy installation, this band can be taken off or placed on your pull-up bar to help you squeeze in a few extra reps.

Thick Elastic Bands

Resistance bands are a great alternative for those who don’t have space for weights or don’t like adding dumbbells to their workout. These budget-friendly tools are a great option to add control and stability to any workout and help build muscle mass. The thicker resistance bands offer more pressure and are a fantastic option, especially for leg and glute exercises.

Regular Elastic Bands

Regular elastic bands offer the same great benefits as the thick resistance bands but with less pressure and intensity. This set of resistance bands has five different intensity levels, making them a flexible and versatile addition to your next workout.

Pilates Ball

This mini-pilate ball is a great space-saver when compared to the large inflatable yoga balls you might be used to. Place the ball beneath you when doing your typical workout to boost core stability, improve flexibility, and increase your range of motion in your exercises.

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