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How to Get Tomato Seedlings Started!

Here in North Texas, we are getting our Fall tomato seedlings. Yes, fall tomatoes are a thing in North Texas. Given that we are going to be moving in the fall, I am growing these for family, friends, and hopefully a non-profit. Let us know what seedlings you are getting going in the comments below […]

Spreading The Love One Seedling at a Time

Looking for a fun way to help spread the love in your community, check out our quick little video for some fun ideas! Check out our GROW kits, they make great gifts and come with one year of all access to our premium nutrition, fitness, and gardening content. Have questions, drop us a comment below or […]

Apartment and Community Composting

Review my experience with composting in an apartment, in addition to simple ways to begin composting and the value of community composts. Let us know your experience with composting in the comments below and any questions you may have. To learn more head to   Check out our GROW kits, they make great gifts and […]