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Gym Bag Essentials: 13 Must Have’s + Downloadable PDF Checklist

13 Gym Bag Must-Haves Finding time to work out isn’t easy and you might even find yourself having to squeeze in workouts whenever you can find the time. A well-packed gym bag makes gym sessions less stressful and helps you get back to your busy schedule after finding time to get a good workout in. […]

Tip For Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Shopping On A Budget One of the greatest things about cooking & preparing your own meals at home is that it actually saves you a lot of money in the long run! Healthy eating can be affordable. While eating organic and cage-free is optimal, it can quickly become expensive, particularly when feeding an entire family. […]

Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improve Indoor Air Quality

I’m a big proponent of growing plants indoors, especially of the herbal variety. But there are more benefits to keeping plants indoors than just a pretty view or even as an addition to your favorite healthy meal if we are talking about herbs. For example, plants are known to clean the air and create oxygen, […]