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The Best Natural Fruit and Vegetable Cleaners

I am all for eating organic when you can afford it. But there are times in our lives when that is not possible. Below, are a few suggestions on how you can best clean your veggies and fruits! FDA Recommendation First, let’s start with the Food and Drug Administration’s recommendation. The FDA says to “wash […]

Tips For A Healthier Living Space

With the rapid increase in pricing, it looks like we all may be spending a little more time at home. Below are a number of ways you can keep your home, apartment, or small space clean, lean, and green on a budget. Stock The Fridge Once or twice a week do a grocery run. Stock […]

15 Misconceptions About Weight Loss

I spent most of my college years going up and down on the scale. I have experienced the pain & frustration of not achieving the desired results, especially when I felt like I was giving it my all. Not to mention all the money I had wasted. Through trial and error, 7 health certifications later, […]