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Getting Microgreens Going!

I love growing Microgreens. You can grow them all year round, and it requires little space to do so. They are packed with nutrients and add so much flavor. One of my favorite hacks on busy weeknights is to heat up some healthier frozen items and put the micro greens on top. I do this […]

Our Favorite Microgreen Items

I love growing microgreens. You can grow them year-round and they are so incredibly easy to grow, maintain, and harvest. Here are some of my favorite microgreen items and seed mixes! I will be getting out a demo video soon of how I do my micros as well as how I clean my garden trays […]

Best Practices for Herbal Gardening

Best Practices for Herbal Gardening  With winter in full force, it’s natural to start getting more green thoughts and daydreams of warmer days. One of the best ways to brighten your home, boost your health, and put your green thumb to good use is by keeping an herb garden in your home. Whether you are […]