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Easy Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improve Indoor Air Quality

I’m a big proponent of growing plants indoors, especially of the herbal variety. But there are more benefits to keeping plants indoors than just a pretty view or even as an addition to your favorite healthy meal if we are talking about herbs. For example, plants are known to clean the air and create oxygen, […]

How To Stay Healthy When Traveling and Dinning For Work

Between work, eating on the run, meetings with clients, and entertaining, staying healthy can get pretty difficult. Here’s a game plan on how you can still maintain your desired healthy weight, while still enjoying a good meal on the road or with a client. Remember it is never about perfection but rather about improvement. When […]

Self-Care On A Budget

Self Care does not have to break the bank! The term “self-care” seems to be all the rage today. While I am happy that “self-care” is coming into the spotlight as it is an integral part of overall health, you do NOT have to break the bank or spend excessively to indulge in it. And […]