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Iceland, Food & Movement

Last week I was lucky enough to travel to one of the most incredible and magical countries on the planet, Iceland. I was both in nature & FOOD heaven. I love fish and omega-3 so much! Some key nutrition and fitness takeaways I learned while in Iceland:

Eat More Fish!

I love salmon and yes “I said salmon 4 times!” I just can’t get enough. I had lox for breakfast, fish for lunch and dinner all in one day. It was glorious!

The best fish I ever had was in Iceland.

It is All About Root Vegetables!

Root vegetables are so good and fortunately, they are super local food sources in Iceland. I enjoyed lots of potatoes, rutabagas, beets and carrots. These are great vegetables of choice especially for days your are on foot exploring the city, scenery, hiking or on a glacier! 


I Love Lamb!

Lamb is a very popular dish in Iceland and this brought me immense joy as this is one of my favorite meals. The lamb soup was full of root vegetables as mentioned above was just amazing. We had it on one of our tours!

Ice Cream!

So many favorite things about Iceland but the fact they eat ice cream year round was definitely top of my favorite list. The dairy is locally sourced, making it easy to digest with some nutritional benefits!

Water & Hot Springs!

The water was so pure in Iceland and I was sure to drink so much of it! We paid the Blue Lagoon a visit, which was the ultimate spa day. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa. The face masks were just amazing too! 

Blue Lagoon

Move, Move, Move!

As mentioned earlier, in my early 20s I used to workout excessively and never saw the results! Hiking, natural stairmasters up to the tops of waterfalls and moving defintely gets your metabolic rate up as well as leads to overall better benefits. Walking, hiking and moving along a glacier  is also great for overall toning and very ENJOYABLE.


What Are Some Key Takeaways from the Iceland Nutrition & Lifestyle?

  • Eat MORE Fish and Omega-3s
  • Drink MORE pure water and use more natural based beauty products
  • Shop for CLEANER dairy products
  • Get MORE natural movement in through walking, hiking and hitting the stairs

I hope to go to Iceland again. Leave a comment below and let me know what some health tips you learned while traveling!

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  1. Dude seriously. I want to go to Iceland to… EAT ALL THE FISH. And see the Northern Lights and see Glaciers too of course but really…. TO EAT ALL THE FISH, hahahahaha!

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