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Make Every Meal Feel Gourmet (Even The Frozen Ones)

Below you will find a number of ways to turn meals from the freezer or can into gourmet ones in no time! You can never go wrong with pairing these quick meals with a salad or roasted veggies. Leave a comment below and let us know how you sass up your quick meals:

Add chopped parsley to the soup.

Add microgreens or herbs to scrambled eggs.

Infuse your extra-virgin olive with a rosemary sprig.

Add lots of fresh cilantro to tacos.

Add oregano and thyme to premade marinara sauces.

Add spinach to wraps.

Add microgreens to cauliflower rice bowls.

Add ginger to soups and teas.

Top cauliflower pizza with fresh basil.

Add microgreens to sandwiches.

Happy eating!


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