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A Healthier You in Weeks – Ebook

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A Healthier You in Weeks is a guided program to help you transform your life through nutrition, exercise, and health tips from ISSA Elite Trainer, Gina Leslie.

 Combing her two most popular programs, The 16-Week Nutrition Overhaul and 6-Week Nutrition and Fitness Program with a Mediterranean Twist, A Healthier You in Weeks offers you:

  • Goal sheets;
  • Budget-friendly grocery lists;
  • Countless, tasty recipes;
  • Weekly meal plans for the entire family;
  • Tips for food prep and traveling;
  • Bonus recipes and suggested supplements; and
  • Workout guides you can do anywhere.

Being healthy is not only about feeling your best but also about having the energy to give back to your family and community. When you invest in your health, it enables you to help more people in need. Most importantly, you’ll dine in taste and have fun using A Healthier You to transform your lifestyle for a better YOU.



3 reviews for A Healthier You in Weeks – Ebook

  1. Kali O’Campo

    As a business owner who’s company and passion is all about living a better life, I am so grateful for what Gina has put together in this ebook!

    My life and business has always been about creating the right alignment and helping people. With so much to handle between the business and my TV show, it has been such a struggle to maintain my good health and because of that, I’ve avoided trying to diet.

    When Gina told me about this ebook I was eager to take a look. As soon as I started reading the first pages I knew this was the type of support I needed. She offers such a cohesive and all encompassing path to health with realistic and applicable practices.

    The most important element of it all is that she includes mindset, gratitude and community involvement… yes, being healthy is more than about food and she nailed it!

    I feel SO much better knowing that I can incorporate this ebook and her expertise into my life so well because of how aligned it is with everything I have going on!

    Thank you for creating this life guide, Gina!

    • Gina Leslie

      Thank you so much, we appreciate you!!

  2. Rachael O’Brien

    I love Gina’s full circle approach to health! She takes into account t busy lifestyles and helps you to create realistic approaches to being your most healthy and confident self! Her down to earth grateful attitude is also an added bonus!

    • Gina Leslie

      Thank you so much! We appreciate you!!

  3. Kari

    Awesome book! I love all the delicious, nutritious recipes that are easy to make! Gina did a fabulous job putting this book together and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to gain awareness and motivation on living a healthier life through nutrition and exercise.

    • Gina Leslie

      Thank you so much, we appreciate you!!

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