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January is around the corner and there is no better time to begin garden planning and seed starting! In January we will have our 2023 gardening planning up in our Premium Section for our patrons and will be taking questions! Right now I currently live in an apartment, with a covered balcony, facing away from the sun. But that is not stopping me below are my go-to items for seed starting. Below is a list of my seed starting items I have on deck for my apartment along with what I will be GROWING!!! Now, something I would like to state is what you grow depends on where you live. For example, what works in Texas will not work in Oregon at times. Check out The Farmer’s Almanac 2023 Planting Calender for what and when to grow. Timing is everything when it comes to gardening!

January Seed Starting Picks

Interests Ace 55 Bush Tomato Seeds

Beefsteak Pole Tomato Seeds

Brandywine Red & Yellow Blend Pole Tomato Seeds

Swiss Chard

Tendergreen Mustard Spinach



Possibly Onions

My Go-To Items 

Grow Light Stands

Love and use these lights!

Now because I can only grow so much I go with the 10-pack seed starters. I was using the 72-seed starter pack but I don’t have enough space on my balcony to grow all the things I want at the moment!  However, my plan is to have my own large space eventually. After all, I am prepping for when I do have my own yard or ranch one day!!! If you are someone who has more space I have the 72 seed slot below for you to check out. It works just as well!

While I usually pick up my soil from a local gardening store, here is a great one. If you are looking to make a quick order!


And of course, if you are looking for some soil, biodegradable seedling starters, and instructions specific to GROWING your own herbs and rosemary check out our GROWING Kits!

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