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Self-Care On A Budget

Self Care does not have to break the bank! The term “self-care” seems to be all the rage today. While I am happy that “self-care” is coming into the spotlight as it is an integral part of overall health, you do NOT have to break the bank or spend excessively to indulge in it. And by all means, I hope everyone indulges in it. Sleep, rest, and relaxation are key to not only weight loss but overall health. Here are some ways to reap the benefits of self-care without dipping into your bank account.

Go For A Walk or Run

One of the simplest and easiest ways to take a break is to lace up your jogging shoes and go for a walk or run. It is a great way to destress and burn some calories!

Get In A Home Workout

Most of my workouts occur in my little apartment and I love it. Sometimes I even have some essential oils in the background. I don’t have to fight traffic getting to and from the gym and don’t have to wait on any equipment.

Go For A Hike

Again another completely free activity. Well, sometimes you have to pay for parking. But it is a fun way to get outside, be in nature, and destress.

Sit & Read A Book

Park it on the couch and pop open a book. Reading is relaxing and so is sitting on your tush. It’s a good way to relax and scale back on the stimulation.

Treat Yourself to some Inexpensive Essential Oils.

I must admit I love me some essential oils & candles. So basic I know. I love lavender for relaxation and peppermint for a muscle relaxer. And well I just love candles!

Social Media & Electronic Curfews

This is the first week I am putting myself on an actual curfew and I couldn’t be happier about this. Studies recommend cutting off electronic devices 2 hours before getting to bed. I never thought I would be so excited about a curfew in my life.

Dry Brushing

It’s such an inexpensive yet all the feels of a “fancy” way of exfoliating. Above all, it is great for your skin.

Committing to One Full Day of Rest

I have a very hectic work schedule and well I have decided to really make Sunday my day of rest. For me, that looks like the church in the morning and just chilling in the afternoon. I will be moving my grocery shopping and food prep to Monday. I most likely will be doing a run back to the grocery store on Thursdays or Fridays to hold me over during the weekend. I welcome this change and think in the long run I will be seeing more benefits.


The best thing you can do for your health and your wallet is to learn how to cook. It can be really relaxing too!

Pick Up Some Inexpensive Flowers

Trader Joe’s and local farmers’ markets have some very inexpensive flower options. What nice touch to running some errands.

Fun Handmade Soaps

I just recently bought some inexpensive handmade soaps at the Farmers Market and I love them! They are such a nice touch to a relaxing shower!

Keeping A Clean Living Space

Keeping a clean and clear living space will help you rest and relax that much more!

Take a Warm Bath

Take a bath and play with bath bombs and salts. This can both be very relaxing and beneficial.

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