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The 80 20 Rule: Freedom and Results

There isn’t a diet I haven’t tried! There is also no diet I have ever stuck with. Keto, paleo, strictly gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian methods have done me no favors. I have found myself overeating or whipping up desserts that no one really enjoys. So what was a gal to do? Not diet. Crazy, right? My NEW plan was to start implementing more vegetables, more cooking and less worrying. I was only going to eat when I was hungry and make the largest meal my last meal, dinner. Talk about going against some of today’s mainstream health advice. The results came in after several months of this and I was wowed.

So what exactly happened?  I actually started eating healthier. Dieting wasn’t on the forefront of my mind. So naturally, food no longer became an obsession but rather something to be enjoyed. I looked forward to getting home and cooking! I found joy in it. Breakfast, became something light and easy to whip out while rushing out the door or sometimes I opted for intermittent fasting. Lunch was an opportunity for me to get in all the veggies I needed with a homemade salad or left overs from the dinner before. Not only was I cooking more but I wasn’t food prepping as much! And then there was dinner. I enjoyed it and I ate more of it. I wasn’t overeating either because I was starting to find balance. Based on my body-type, I have a moderate tolerance to carbohydrates. So either at lunch or dinner I would have rice, a sweet potato or Garbanzo bean pasta. As for dessert I had two new approaches, I was either going to totally go for it and eat super clean a few days after or I was going to make a healthy alternative. The healthy alternative was not zero sugar, carbs or grain but still offered a vast improvement.  80% of every meal I make now is based off of lean protein and vegetables with the other 20% being carbohydrates, sauces, a little dairy or even a little natural sugar.

Wherever you are in your health journey please know there is both freedom and joy to be had. Sometimes, it is all trial and error when coming to find what works best for you. While dieting or eating a certain way has not worked for me it may work for you. And who I am to judge? If you are stuck in your health journey, keep going! Look to someone with perhaps more knowledge in the area of nutrition or someone you know that may give honest feedback in your approach. And please don’t be afraid to pray for guidance in this area. He is always there to help us with all of our needs.

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80 20 Rule


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