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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Gardening

Gardening requires patience and patience is a virtue! Right now as I type, I currently live in an apartment in Texas. I garden on my covered balcony in the blistering heat and have some herbs going indoors and am about to give microgreens a try. Here are a few things I wish I would have known.

  1. Overwatering herbs is lethal. If you are growing your herbs indoors watering once a week will usually be just fine unless the soil dries out fast. I learned this the hard way.
  2. You don’t have to bank the bank. I think there are a lot of nifty “urban” gardening contraptions right now on the market. I tried a couple of them and for me, they did not work. While I think they are a good alternative and work for many, I found sticking to soil and cost-effective methods are key.
  3. Start your garden prepping in January or at least start planning what you are going to grow. If you are starting your garden from the seed, get going right after the first frost.
  4. Write down what and when you planted. Some vegetables, herbs, and fruit only last a year while others last 5!
  5. Check whats grows best in your area. I live in hot Texas, don’t get me wrong I love hot Texas but not all crops do. Plant for what is best for your region and climate.
  6. Accept gardening takes time. Call me naive but I thought I would be reaping a harvest a little sooner for some than I did. Patience is needed.
  7. Start small. You are going to make mistakes and a lot of seeds aren’t going to bloom to their full potential and that’s ok. Keep going and growing.
  8.  Sign up for local growing and gardening classes. YouTube is great but in person is better!
  9. Plant only what you will eat. If you don’t care for a herb, vegetable or fruit don’t plant it.
  10. Add a fan to the in-door herb garden and microgreen section for improved air quality.

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